October 22, 2003

Critters & Varmints & Beasties, Oh My!

The cabin and its environs are in ship shape. Amazing the sort of unconcious mess that a guy can leave over a week's time. Of course I did have some help. Some beastie attacked the mulch pile. Half rotten veggies, leaves and less identifiable stuff strewn all over the garden (already harvested before I got here so no big deal) and the path leading back into the woods (big deal, this is the path I use to take my evening constitutional).

That took way longer to clean up than it should have. Mostly because the smell was so bad I had to stop to retch every couple minutes or so. Nasty! Must have been a raccoon as there's nothing bigger than that up in these woods.

But it's all cleaned up now and so is the rest of the grounds and the cabin itself. I finished a steak on a stick and now I'm sitting back with a Blue and watching the stars. Beats the hell out of network television, I guarantee.

Posted by Charles at October 22, 2003 10:44 PM

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