October 25, 2003

Chuck needs more sleep and less hangover

Never try to outdrink a Quebecian who is fixing your drinks. They cheat. Bad. Damn my head hurts. No nausea though, thankfully. A couple Excedrins and a pitcher of water will help.

I had a wierd wake-up this morning, probably from the hangover. I was snoring peacefully away, oblivious to my cranial pains, when Becky gave me a gentle shake and said "Wake up, Sweet Meat" in that ultra sexy, husky, half asleep voice. Sweet Meat is the pet name that she gave me. I mumbled "Whuh?" or something equally witty and she said "Get up or you'll miss your fishing". My sleepy brain registered that not only did my lovely Becky not mind me going fishing early in the morning, she was actually going as far as to wake me up to make sure I went.

Freaking awesome! I gave her a kiss and said thanks for waking me. She smiled in that (once again) ultra sexy, half asleep way and I was about to abandon the fishing idea cause she was looking soooooo damned good but she rolled over and said something I couldn't quite catch but was probably "don't stay out too late" and went back to sleep. Damn.

I went into the bathroom and while I was brushing my teeth I realized I had a massive hangover. My sleep fuzzy brain actually began working a bit at this point and I remembered drinking too much over at Gail and Benny's. (By the way, if there are any Canadians out there, is it spelled 'Benny' or 'Bennie'?)

That in turn led me to wonder why Becky didn't seem hungover, which led to remembering that Becky hadn't been there, which went to wondering why Becky hadn't been there, which led to remembering exactly why Becky hadn't been there, which resulted in me booking back to the bedroom at top speed and an increase in my head pain of at least 200%, and this of course ended up with me looking at a very rumpled bed that had obviously been slept in by one person as the copilot pillows were still stacked neatly on the desk chair where I put them every night, apparently even when drunk off of my ass.

That got me pretty depressed. You see, Becky wasn't at the cabin with me at all. I was just dreaming or hallucinating or whatever, helped along by some residual alcohol and a hangover and sparked no doubt by thoughts dragged up by my very own troll. Becky should be here with me right now. I should be married to her. In fact there's only one reason that me and the love of my life aren't together now and never will be al long as I'm alive. She died over 2 years ago in a car accident. It was a single vehicle accident during some pretty nasty weather traveling from Rochester to Buffalo.

My little dream thing this morning has put me into one serious funk so sorry if I'm a bit morose today. Then again it's not exactly like I'm the King of Happyland in any case when I'm hungover.

And I IP banned the little shit troll. That felt good.

Posted by Charles at October 25, 2003 08:05 AM

Good lord, Chuck! You've only been blogging a few days and already you have a virtual stalker. It takes most of us a liitle longer than that. Of course, the troll must have foreknowledge of you and be a serious sicko...you fire anybody at work recently?

Posted by: Susie at October 25, 2003 12:50 PM

No enemies at work, as far as I know. I'm in a department of one so there's no job friction to speak of. It has to be one of a handful of people because Becky's pet name for me was not a public thing (until I mentioned it this morning here, anyway). Problem is, anybody I can think of who knew it is also somebody that I'm pretty close to.

And I had to de-ban the troll's IP address. I tried to post this comment and couldn't. Turns out I was blocked by the IP ban too. That means that this freak is on the same internet provider, right?

I'll just have to keep on my toes and delete anything he/she/it comments on.

By the way, the boat is functional again. Nifty little story about that but no time to write it down now. I'll get it out tonight some time. Right now I'm getting ready to go fishing with Benny. He's going to take me to some of his hot spots.

Posted by: Chuck at October 25, 2003 03:53 PM

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