October 29, 2003

[start log]

[/BurgerQueen sets BurgerQueen +v]
[BurgerQueen] ...
[BurgerQueen] ...
[/NooseWriter joins #straighttalk]
[BurgerQueen] There you are! I thought you wouldn't show.
[BurgerQueen] Hello? Use the keyboard, Sweet Meat.
[BurgerQueen] Oops!
[/BurgerQueen sets NooseWriter +v]
[BurgerQueen] Sorry about that! You can talk now Chuckie.
[NooseWriter] Give me my blog back, you bitch! I can't even log on any more!
[BurgerQueen] Language, Chuckie, language. You shouldn't speak like that to a lady.
[NooseWriter] When I find a lady I'll make sure to be polite. Let me back into my blog!
[BurgerQueen] But I'm having such fun! I don't have my own blog, you know. I like posting on yours very much.
[NooseWriter] Just cut it out already. As soon as Pixy Misa gets my email he's going to knock you off anyway. Let me back in to my blog.
[BurgerQueen] Pixy is...occupied. He can't get you out of this one.
[NooseWriter] Why are you doing this? And what is that crap you posted about Benny and Gail? That is sick shit! You are fucking sick!
[BurgerQueen] I speak only the truth, Sweet Meat. Sometimes it's hard on people to hear the truth but I believe it makes us all stronger if we anchor ourselves firmly in reality.
[NooseWriter] What the hell are you talking about? And stop calling me that!
[BurgerQueen] I'm talking about the truth. Have you been truthful on your blog?
[NooseWriter] Of course I have! What reason would I have for lying about crap like not catching a damned fish?
[BurgerQueen] Get off of the fish already, Chuck. The fish are a side effect, not the problem.
[BurgerQueen] I mean the truth in the courtroom sense, Chuck. The truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth.
[NooseWriter] Whatever! It's just a personal blog. I never intended it to be the story of my life, just a way to keep in the writing mode. I'm not going to lay down my life story there.
[BurgerQueen] That's fine, Chuck. Nobody wants your life story anywhere. That's not the truth I'm talking about. You need to tell the whole truth about things you've glossed over. Important things that deserve to be told!!
[NooseWriter] Why can't you just leave me the hell alone?
[BurgerQueen] Excellent choice of words, Chuckie. Why CAN'T I just leave you alone? I would if I could but I CAN'T.
[NooseWriter] I just want my blog back and for you to get the hell out of it.
[BurgerQueen] Will you tell the truth?
[NooseWriter] ABOUT WHAT?!?!?!?!?!?!
[BurgerQueen] Don't shout, Chuckie. It's very rude. Think about it. Reread our conversation here. You know what it's about.
[BurgerQueen] Chuckie?
[BurgerQueen] Oh Chuckie! Where are youuuuu?!
[NooseWriter] I'm here. I get it now.
[BurgerQueen] Will you tell the truth?
[NooseWriter] About Becky?
[BurgerQueen] Bingo
[NooseWriter] That's not something I really want to talk about. Not in person and certainly not on a public blog.
[BurgerQueen] I know it isn't, Chuck, but it'll be better for you if you do.
[NooseWriter] And if I don't?
[BurgerQueen] Then no blog. No nuthin after a while. The boat won't work, the generator won't work, the woods will be closed to you. You won't be able to write. You'll be alone like you've never been alone before. And then you won't be alone but you'll wish you were.
[NooseWriter] This is too much. You're scaring the shit out of me.
[BurgerQueen] The truth shall set you free.
[BurgerQueen] Will you tell the truth?
[BurgerQueen] Chuck?
[NooseWriter] i'm here
[BurgerQueen] Will you tell the truth?
[NooseWriter] okay
[BurgerQueen] Give me a couple of minutes to unlock your account. You can start writing in the meantime.
[NooseWriter] okay
[/end log]

Charles should be posting shortly.

Posted by Burger Queen at October 29, 2003 09:32 AM
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