October 31, 2003

Yes and no

No, Chuck. Burger Queen wasn't just you. Part of me was there too. I was trapped. You held me so tight to this earth that I couldn't escape. I couldn't go where I needed to go.

Forgive me for being so harsh. For letting and helping you be so harsh to yourself. I had to take the chance or I might never escape. You are in a powerful place, an ancient and holy place. And you are here at a powerful time. I had to act while I had a window and I had to work through you because you were the one holding me prisoner.

But it is okay now. You've faced your demon and vanquished it. You have finally admitted to yourself what happened and I am free.

Yes I understood my vision. I knew what would happen before I took you back. I chose to be loved and to love. What other choice would a sane person make?

Do not do this thing that you are planning, Chuck. Live for both of us now. Now that you can.

Posted by Becky at October 31, 2003 12:20 PM

i must say chuck, becky or BQ, whoever you may be, that you are a very talented writer, and as i expected it to, the story ends on all hallows eve.......
you can take your story, now that it has played through and put it to print, if thats what the intention is, knowing that you have done something really good here.....

Posted by: kim at October 31, 2003 01:28 PM
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