October 23, 2003

Chuck is a dumbass

What a freaking moron! I feel about as intelligent as the average stamp right now.

Okay, so I started walking around the perimeter of the lake towards the marina. It was a gorgeous walk. I mean breathtaking. I was having a great time and all of my pissed-offedness over the boat evaporated. The trails aren't straightforward (they're animal trails so what would you expect?) so I was doing a good amount of doubling back and forging through on my own but it was all cool. There't not a whole lot of underbrush here so I didn't have any real problem. I just kept close to the lake so I wouldn't get lost and I was making good progress. I stopped by the handful of cabins that I came near but all of them were either unoccupied (it's post season now so I sort of expected this) or their tenants were out on the lake.

About an hour into my little trek I discovered just what an idiot I am. You see, a good chunk of the lakeshore on Mazinaw isn't shore at all. It's really really big cliffs. They're gorgeous too and have quite a history and following. They just aren't that gorgeous when you catch site of them and realize that they are between you and the marina and that you are an incredible dumbass because you should have walked around the lake sunwise instead of widdershins.

So I'm back now after trekking my dumb ass to the cabin again. It's too late to make the trip around the other side of the lake before it gets dark so I'll put that walk off until tomorrow.

For tonight I'll fish off of the dock a bit and then try again to get writing (but that doesn't seem to be going anywhere, unfortunately).

Posted by Charles at October 23, 2003 03:41 PM

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